Eularin uudessa virtuaalisessa tiedekeskuksessa tarjolla tutkijoille ilmaista konsultaatioapua

Dear Colleagues,
Under the umbrella of its Virtual Research Centre (VRC), EULAR has launched a unique, new and free service that provides research advice for investigators to improve the quality of their clinical research focused on RMDs. Applicants will be matched with consultants who are highly experienced investigators with experience in the area of need. Service areas will range from advice on study design to data analysis and the reporting of research results, study protocol design, and scientific communication.
We invite you to take advantage of this free service. You can learn more about the opportunity and how to submit a consultation request online. Please go to this webpage.
Any questions you may have can be sent to the VRC team at
We thank you for your commitment to rheumatology research. We look forward to working with you as you deliver high-quality data that will help our patients.
Best regards,
Iain B. McInnes
EULAR President