Kindly distribute the survey to your membership – EDU049 Task Force on Standards for the training of European Rheumatologists aims at harmonizing Rheumatology training across Europe

Dear Participant,
Thank you for your interest in our survey.
The EULAR Task Force on Standards in Rheumatology Training developed a list of competences with the aim to harmonise Rheumatology Training across Europe.
In this phase, we are gathering the input of all relevant stakeholders in order to shape the document incorporating the perspective of trainees, trainers and people with rheumatic diseases among others.
The first few questions of the survey will allow to identify which stakeholder category you belong to, and to collect your demographic data (e.g. age).
The second part of the survey contains the 29 proposed competences and we ask you to state whether: 1) you agree with each statement, 2) you disagree and suggest an alternative phrasing or 3) you disagree and suggest removing that competence from the list. In addition you can share thoughts and comments on individual competences.
The survey will take about 15 minutes to be completed and it is anonymous.
Thank you very much in advance for your contribution to the shaping of rheumatology training!
Best wishes
The EULAR Task Force on Standards in Rheumatology Training